The Graffiti Files: Athens Edition

I admit it: I’m obsessed with graffiti.

Obviously, I don’t like it when someone goes and vandalizes a church or a cemetery or someone’s home or business. But when it’s some abandoned or industrial place that a person tries to make a little more beautiful, I find it absolutely beautiful. I love how art can grow in the most unexpected places with the touch of a rebel artist.

I have so many photos of graffiti in the different places I’ve traveled that I thought I’d do a photo gallery for each destination.

One of the things I noticed in Athens is that there’s an abundance of graffiti. It’s everywhere with a few very important exceptions. Actually, when I was first going to my Airbnb, I was taken aback by the graffiti everywhere and wondered if I’d somehow landed myself in a bad neighborhood.

But there are places you won’t find graffiti and it says a lot about the artists. There’s nary a drop of graffiti in historical places like the First Cemetery or the Acropolis or any of the ancient temples. And it isn’t because they have people standing watch night and day – it’s just about respect.

This is some of the graffiti I photographed in Athens, Greece. I hope you enjoy it.

Are you a fan?

Do you like graffiti? Where is the best graffiti you’ve seen? Share your thoughts in the comments.





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