FAQ About Why and How I Decided to Go Nomad & Wander the World

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Did you ever think about going rogue – just going nomad and ditching the expectations of the world for a woman “of a certain age?” Sometimes, meeting the expectations of others is not the route to happiness. (But don’t expect them to be too pleased with your declaration of independence.) When my 19-year-old “baby” left the nest, I didn’t want to live in an empty one. After 24 years of raising my beloved children, sitting at home with a pile of cat hair and books just didn’t appeal to me. I’ve always been a wanderer, as anybody who follows my other website, TheOrganicPrepper.com, knows. We’ve moved frequently, traveled often, and gloried in new experiences. So, when my last baby went off to seek her way in the world, so did I.


There are a few questions that people commonly asked when I told them of my plans. I thought you might wonder too, so here you go – I’m an open book. 🙂

“What are you doing with your dogs and cats?”

If I hadn’t had a good solution for them, I wouldn’t have gone. They remained in the capable hands of my daughter and I help her out with the bills in exchange for her assistance.  Pets are family and a lifetime commitment, and our furbabies will always stay in the family.

“How can you afford all this?”

I’m certainly not rolling in piles of money. But I’m in a good position to wander. Nope, I didn’t win the lottery or inherit a fortune from a long-lost relative. Here’s the long version of how I can afford it. Below is the short version. I can take my business with me wherever there’s an internet connection, so I still earn the same living I did at home in the US.  My income should remain steady. Secondly, housing is more affordable than you’d expect. When you rent an Airbnb for a month, you get a hefty discount. All your bills are rolled into that payment: rent, utilities, internet, etc. I’m not staying for long periods of time in expensive hubs like London or Paris. I generally stay in less expensive countries. Transportation was expensive once. My flight over to Europe was the biggie, but after that, transportation isn’t outrageous, particularly when you stick with ground transportation. As well, I stay in walkable areas so there’s no need to have a car to fulfill my day-to-day needs.

“Where are you going?”

Wherever the spirit moves me. Currently I’m spending most of my time in Southern Europe. I stay in places anywhere from 1-3 months, aside from some quick weekend trips to destinations that I want to visit but don’t want to actually live in.

What are you taking with you?

Here’s what I started out with, but I’ll be updating soon with the items I’ve unloaded along the way. Talk about downsizing!

Why do you want to go gallivanting all over the world?

The better question here is, why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I want to see all the things I spent my first 50 years reading about, like the city of Pompeii, the Acropolis, the pyramids, the wonders that so far I’ve only seen in photographs? I figure I have 25 good years of nomad living in me. I’m going to live them to the hilt.

What this website will be about

I’ll be sharing the things I learn by immersing myself in other cultures, budget-friendly travel tips, maybe some business tips, photos, midnight epiphanies, what it’s like living out of a suitcase, and my super-duper-fluffy thoughts-and-feelings. So….welcome. 🙂

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