There’s No Perfect Time and It’s Not Too Late.
Have you been putting off living the life you want? Let me give you some advice. There is no perfect time. It is not too late. Do it now.
An Ode to Athens, the City Where Anything Is Possible
If you want to change your life (or your outlook), there's no better place to do it than Athens. It's a 3000-year-old magical city where anything is possible,
How to Choose the Right Airbnb or Accommodations for Your Trip
Choosing the right accommodations can be the difference between a pleasant, restful stay or one that leaves you annoyed and uncomfortable.
I Went to the Monastiraki Market and I Think I *Might* Have Traveled Through Time
The Monastiraki Market in Athens is truly iconic. It's like traveling through time, witnessing eras and eras, all in one afternoon.
Got a Big Dream? Get Ready for Naysayers, Cheerleaders, and Other People’s Opinions
When you make big changes, there will be those who disapprove for a variety of reasons. Just remember: you are the one in charge of your life.
Stobi: The Ancient Capital of Macedonia You Never Heard Of Until Now
Stobi is an ancient archaeological site near the village of Gradsko, North Macedonia You may have never heard of it, but history buffs will love it.
The Acropolis Is So Much More Than a Couple of Temples
The Acropolis was a sacred place, and because of that, things were built around it like stoas for government, theaters, and religious structures.
What to Eat in Athens
Local food is one of the things that makes travel so special. Here are some restaurants I recommend and some of delicious foods I had while I was in Athens.
9 Travel Mistakes That Will RUIN Your Dream Trip
There are loads of posts about how to make a vacation epic, but what about how NOT TO RUIN your trip? Here are 9 travel mistakes to avoid.
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