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If you're anything like me, you can't get enough prepping books. You hoard information on every topic from urban survival to food preservation to raising chickens. And also, if you're like me, your shelves are beginning to groan with the weight of ALL. THOSE. BOOKS.

Daisy Luther Media is a digital publishing company where you can buy different books every weekend for a fraction of the normal price. All our books are in PDF format and you can find a wide variety of topics from the survival niche's best bloggers.

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Daisy Luther Media offers a solution to a big problem in the preparedness niche - access to information at a reasonable price. Our books are full length PDF documents that you can save on a device or print out. We publish books on a wide variety of topics and always offer a hand up to those who need it. More questions? Find your answers here...


"The hurricane book contained useful and new information, and I’ve lived in Florida all my life!"



The Prepper's Book of List has all the things you could need to gather up in one place for things like evacuations, power outages, and emergency car kits. I used a lot of the lists in my preparedness binder and feel so much more organized than I did before! The winter preparedness checklists were especially useful for me, given that I live high in the Colorado mountains, and get snowed in quite frequently in the winter. 

Jon L.

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