Twas the Morning of Christmas and All Through the White House…

Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the White House,

People scurried everywhere quick as a mouse.

By the giant tree, Michelle was bemoaning her lot.

The kids were opening presents, to see what delights they had got.

Barack sighed as he eyed up the golf clubs, the sweater, and five pairs of socks.

He thought back to  November when Hillary had lost.

He knew that his masters weren’t happy, they’d been clear.

Would he now be a target? He dabbed at a tear.

It seemed like the liberals would hold on to the power,

But suddenly they lost, at the very last hour.

The losers they cried and they wailed,

They dumped classes because they knew they’d never be failed.held

They held protests and riots, burning homes, stores, and all,

During the 2016 disaster, that fall of “the fall.”

He screwed his hand to a fist and clenched tight his jaw as he thought of the goals now waylaid.

The anger, it burned in the pit of his gut, but he calmed himself with the new plans that were made.

The winners think it’s all over, but they don’t know the facts.

The Powers That Be will soon show this play has more acts.

He smirked as he thought about Clinton, who had thought she was all.

It was all a big ruse, she was the patsy set up for the fall.

Her demise so well scripted, she realized too late, she’d been thrown onto a sword and this was her fate.

She’d been thrown onto a sword and this was her fate.

He’d step into the chaos, and some people would cheer.They’d have no idea of the danger so near.

They’d have no idea of the danger so near.

The New World Order would arrive overnight, Obama at the table,

There’d be resistance, of course, but he’d cage all he was able.

They would be the forced labor, slave workers for life.

They’d do as they’re told wracked by hunger and cold, he’d crack down on the strife.

He smiled as he thought of Soros and Gates, the source of his power. He knew he was a puppet but still got to live in his tower.

He knew he was a puppet but could live in his tower.

The masters were angry the people rebelled, that was not in the script.

The goals are less certain and the masters were tight-lipped.


Would gun laws, a cash ban, and Obamacare go down with a boom?

Because soon Donald Trump would be in this room.

Obama sighed, his smile faded, his chin dropped down to his chest. He was awaiting word from his

He was awaiting word from his handlers. Would they know he’d done his best?

His heart skipped a beat, he felt faint and he started to sweat.

If they thought he had failed, he’d be caught in their net.

How had the plan had gone so horribly wrong?

He took a giant deep breath from his bong.

What the new year will hold is anyone’s guess,

But there are powers at work to make it a mess.




We must greet what comes without any fear.
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good year!

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