Times Are Changing Quickly: Let Me Help You Get Prepared

Have you ever put your children to bed hungry?

Nearly 800 million people go to bed hungry every night. These people are chronically malnourished to the point where it affects their everyday activities. That’s one person in every nine of the global population. (source)

Have you ever been really hungry? Not the kind of hunger that comes from dinner being an hour late but the gnawing of a stomach that has received no food for a couple of days, or even a week. A belly that has had nothing substantial going into it for weeks or months on end.

No? Me neither, thank God.

But hopefully, we aren’t speaking too soon. I’m on a mission to make sure that doesn’t happen. I want to help as many people as possible get prepared, and it seems like, no matter how feverishly I write, blogging is not enough.

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There are signs everywhere.

There has been a lot of major pointers this week that the world as we know it is changing, and that our position in it may also be changing.

Germany has advised its citizens to stockpile a couple of weeks worth of food, they are also thinking of reintroducing conscription so they have enough troops to cope with a national disaster. The Czech Republic has followed its neighbor, admitting openly that unless people become more self-sufficient future food security would be a problem in the event that a national emergency was to occur.

  • North Korea is testing more missiles.
  • The United States government warns it will shoot down Syrian and Russian fighter planes in Syrian airspace.
  • Terrorism around the globe is on the increase.

Add in natural disasters like flooding, tornadoes, tsunami and earthquakes , particularly if the New Madrid Fault ruptures with the many nuclear power stations along its length – and you have a recipe for the perfect storm.

Have you done everything you can to prepare?

So, back to my first question, have you ever put your kids to bed hungry?

Have you made sure that you have done everything to the best of your ability so that you will never have to lay them down for the night with their stomach growling?

I’m almost certain that the vast majority of the people reading this have already started to prepare for their future by building up a supply of food, hygiene products, batteries, candles ,and a million and one other things they know will be useful at some point.

Keep going.

To those who are new please don’t be overwhelmed. Most of us prepper types are not whack jobs who wear tin foil hats. (Okay, sometimes I don the tinfoil.) We are regular normal people just like you. We drive the carpool, mow the lawn, watch The Walking Dead, and walk the dog.

And you know what? We don’t prepare because we think the world is going to end.  There wouldn’t be much point in that.

We prepare because we know with most life-changing disasters, things won’t end. They will go on and it is what we do now that will make the difference between surviving and thriving. Between a life worth living and one in which we wish for death. We prep because we want to be sure we can take care of our families in the event whatever type of emergency comes our way, be it a personal, local, national or global emergency.

  • We want to know we’ll stay fed if we become unemployed.
  • We prepare so that a local weather event will not see us going hungry or sitting in the dark.
  • We feel happier knowing that if this coming winter brings a polar vortex that smothers most of the country in six feet of snow, we have it covered.  We’ll be warm, fed, and entertained with the board games we stashed away.
  • We feel more secure knowing that in the case of a national emergency we can feed our families for at least a few months if not substantially longer. We won’t have to wait for the FEMA rations.

I’ll bet that families in Greece and Venezuela would do a lot of things differently if they had the chance to go back in time before their economies collapsed and their countries devolved into hunger and poverty.

Hunger isn’t just a Third World problem.

Of the almost 800 million people who go to bed hungry every night 20 million of them are in the First World, the developed nations. The United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. 2o Million people just like you and me. 20 million hungry people in affluent countries. It’s harder to ignore when we are not talking about people in developing countries half a world away, isn’t it?

If you know it’s time to get prepped but you don’t know exactly what you should do, please consider taking a look at the 10-Week Prepping Intensive. This is a class that I put together along with Lisa Bedford, the Survival Mom.

Over the course of 10 weeks, the class will not tell you exactly what to do. Instead, we’ll help you to develop a preparedness plan specific to your family. We all have different threats in our areas, family members with different concerns, and a wide variance in our financial situations.  We want to help you cut through all of the information out there and make a plan what will work for you, where you are and with what finances you have available.

You’ll get to ask questions of the very people whose blogs you read to learn about prepping, and you’ll also find that the weekly assignments give you some accountability. The best part, according to many of our former students, is the chance to network with other preppers who are on the same path.

Go here to check out the program.

And even if you decide that program is not for you, I urge you to develop a plan and begin to turn your thoughts into actions. I strongly believe that times are changing rapidly and that the way we live today, with nearly unlimited access to food, water, and warmth, may one day be a thing of the past.

You’ll want to be ready.

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