Russia Makes the End of Disarmament Deal Official

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Russia was considering stopping the agreement it has with the US to reprocess weapons-grade plutonium. Now it’s official.

That bill has just been passed by Moscow.

The State Duma has overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bill that suspends a Russian-American deal on reprocessing weapons-grade plutonium extracted from decommissioned warheads.
The bill, submitted on October 3 by the president’s office, was backed by 445 MPs, with one abstention.

The reprocessing deal was ratified in 2000 and involved Russia and the US disposing of excessive plutonium by fabricating nuclear plant fuel from it and transmuting it in a reactor.

The US later decided that the process was too costly and that it would rather mix its plutonium with special dilutants and store it indefinitely.

Moscow sees that as a gross breach of the deal, saying the US could potentially restore the fissile material. (source)

When you keep poking the bear, the bear is eventually going to poke back.


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