Is Julian Assange Dead? Is Wikileaks Compromised?

Mounting evidence is making it looking more and more like Julian Assange has been killed or captured, and that Wikileaks has been compromised.

Assange and his team were the heroes of the 2016 US elections, telling the secrets that the left wanted to remain hidden. They told us about media collusion, rigged elections, pedophilia, ties with the occult, and how the Clinton family became wealthy by selling favors and ripping off Haitians.

Assange, an author and activist,is the founder of Wikileaks, an organization that shares the dirty little secrets of government around the globe. Assange has been taking sanctuary in the Ecuadoran Embassy in the UK for more than four years now. We’ve had no reasonable proof of life for over a month, when Assange’s internet was cut after a “coincidental” visit by US Sec. of State John Kerry. Questions have been asked previously about his fate, but the evidence is piling up into a grim collage.

The following post has been floating around the internet. Wikileaks (if it IS Wikileaks) has denied the veracity of the post.


The two videos below explore these questions:

  • Is Julian Assange still alive?
  • If so, why won’t they provide live video proof of life?
  • Has Wikileaks been taken over by the opposition?

Watch these videos and let me know in the comments what you think has happened.

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