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Zika Isn’t Going to Kill Us, But a Virulent Avian Flu Called H7N9 Might

The world is freaking out about Zika, but they may be worrying about the wrong virus.

Apparently, the H7N9 virus (avian flu) has begun to be passed from person to person, which means that there is now potential for a global threat.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that out of the last five reported cases of H7N9, three of the victims had no contact with poultry.…

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5.3 Earthquake Detected Shortly After North Korea Tested Their Biggest Nuke Yet

Kim Jong-un has carried out another nuclear test in North Korea, the fifth one that has been conducted by the secretive state since a 2006 ban on nuclear testing by the United Nations.

Shortly thereafter, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake was detected near the site in the north-east of the country near the underground test sit at Punggye-Ri. It would be quite a stretch of the imagination to believe that this was merely coincidental.…

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Related? Zika Virus Found In Tears Just After WHO Says No Sex for 6 Months

Whether you think Zika is hooey or not (here are some weird things about it that may lead you to the hooey side of the debate) it’s undeniable that loads of money and resources are being used to feverishly research the virus.

The World Health Organisation has updated its sexual guidance for people returning from areas where Zika is circulating.…

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Here’s How Stratospheric Wind Patterns Are Changing – And Why It Matters

There’s a change in the wind and it is so significant that it has caught the attention of NASA. The quasi-biennial oscillation, a pattern so regular you could practically set your watch to it, has suddenly changed. Scientists are now looking at recent wind anomalies they have observed to see if there has been an effect on the ozone layer and if there is whether or not it can affect human life.…

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FDA Finally Tells the Dirty Truth About Antibacterial Soap

Once again, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is behind, well, most of humanity, in understanding a basic concept: antibacterial overuse is a bad, bad idea.

Two antibacterial agents, triclocarban and triclosan, were developed in the 1950s and 1960s, and were first used mainly as antiseptic agents in hospitals. In the early 1990s, sales of antibacterial products to consumers took off, and by 2004, companies were introducing hundreds of new products every year, according to WebMD.…

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Did Fracking Cause the 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Oklahoma?

Did fracking in Oklahoma cause the large 5.6 magnitude earthquake that happened in the early hours this morning?

Here’s why I’m asking.

The prompt shutdown of waste-water disposal wells by Oklahoma officials seems to indicate something that many thousands of people had thought for some time, that fracking and operations connected to it can cause earthquakes.

Indeed, a guide with the title 2015 Guide to Earthquakes from Fracking, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Shale Gas – Underground Wastewater Disposal was put out in a joint effort by the USGS and the Department of the Interior, clearly indicating that officials know this process is highly destructive, yet they’re allowing corporation to do it anyway.

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Collateral Damage: How Zika Pesticide Spraying Could Eventually Kill Us All

Whether you think the Zika virus is a terrifying emerging epidemic, or whether you think the claims just don’t add up, your opinion no longer matters.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in its existence, whether you believe it is less serious than the government claims, or whether you doubt that it actually causes infants to be born with microcephaly.…

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Increased Risk of Diabetes: Yet Another Reason Fluoride Should NOT Be in Our Drinking Water

Hey! Did you know that the fluoride American cities gleefully add to our drinking water is actually hazardous waste?  If that isn’t enough of a reason to keep you from drinking it, how about this: A recent study examined links between water fluoridation and Type 2 diabetes, and you aren’t going to like what they found out.

Published in the Journal of Water and Health, the research found that fluoridation with sodium fluoride could be a contributing factor to diabetes rates in the US, as the chemical is a known preservative of blood glucose.…

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