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If Clinton Goes Down, Loretta Lynch Will Go Down With Her

Oh, Loretta.

I’ll bet that AG Loretta Lynch is shaking in her boots right now, because when Hillary Clinton goes down, Lynch’s career will go down with her. Heck, maybe they’ll even be cellmates.

Loretta Lynch’s ties to the Clintons go back to 1999 when then-President Bill Clinton appointed her to run the Brooklyn US Attorney’s office. She left in 2002 and went into private practice, but returned to the Brooklyn office in 2010 at the behest of President Barack Obama.…

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AG Lynch told FBI Director Comey NOT to go public with the new Clinton email investigation

According to a report in the New Yorker, James Comey, Big Kahuna of the FBI, went full-on cowboy in releasing details of the new Clinton email inquiry. Apparently, the Department of Justice advised him not to release the information just days before the presidential election.

Gosh. I wonder if the same advice would have been given if it was Donald Trump who was being investigated by the FBI.…

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How Obamacare Was Designed to Fail and Hillary Clinton Knew It All Along

If you signed up for Obamacare, you’ve been screwed.

If you didn’t sign up and opted to pay the penalties, you’ve been screwed.

If you didn’t sign up, didn’t pay penalties, and stuck with your original insurance company, you’ve been screwed.

If you didn’t sign up, didn’t pay penalties, and paid cash for medical care, you’ve been screwed.

Every person in America has been affected, regardless of what you did or did not do.…

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21 Things We’ve Learned About Hillary Clinton from Wikileaks That the MSM Won’t Share…But YOU Can!

Let’s talk about Wikileaks.

First of all, the organization was founded by Julian Assange back in 2006. Their website explains what they are all about:

“WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying, and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses.”

In the 11 years that they’ve been publishing documents, they have not been disproven a single time.…

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Did Hillary Clinton Cheat at the Debate?

I know the debate was a couple of weeks ago, but I just came across this video that certainly makes a good case for the fact that someone may have been feeding her answers, statistics, and information. If she can’t even ad lib a televised debate against Donald Trump, how are negotiations with foreign powers going to go when someone takes away her tablet or other telepromptish device?…

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Did You Notice Anything Different in the MSM Lately?

Last week, I reported that the MSM was doing a great deal to try and undermine the truths that are being revealed about our government, the rigged election, and their darling, Hillary Clinton. My suspicion was that they were  going so far as to set up fake websites and use skewed polls to prepare us for a Clinton victory.

It appears I was not alone in that suspicion because all sorts of people began to bring up the topic of skewed polls, including the Trump campaign.…

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Maybe all those “smart” gadgets and appliances from China aren’t such a smart idea

You know all of those cool, sci-fi gadgets that people are beginning to get that are connected to the internet in their homes?  The voice controlled thermostats, the wireless printers and cameras, the home security systems, the food scale that sends the calories to your phone app, those “smart” appliances that text you to pick up milk, and the DVRS that can be programmed via your phone from work?…

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Did Obama Just Admit Obamacare Is Failing?

Did Obama just admit that Obamacare is failing? Because it really sounded a lot like Obama admitted that his pet project was an abject catastrophe.

An interesting report on ABC News this morning sure points in that direction, unless I am very much mistaken.  The soon-to-be-former President backtracked on the accessibility and effectiveness of Obamacare.

In a speech in Miami, Obama said the public option would “give folks more options in those places where there’s just not enough insurers to compete.”

But the president did not mention how during the 2009 negotiations over what’s now known as Obamacare the White House used the public option as a bargaining chip — dropping it as a non-negotiable in order to get moderate Democrats, like Nebraska’s then-Sen.

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Hillary Clinton to Black Staffer: “Brain dead buffalo…Get the f*** to work janitoring this mess”

Did you know that Hillary Clinton won’t allow staffers to have cell phones in her presence? Her recent rampage after a surprise question from Matt Lauer may give us a hint as to why she forbids any devices that might provide evidence of her wild rages.

Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan reports:

Nearly every question she has been asked during the past 18 months has been approved and agreed upon ahead of time.

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