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The No-Win Debt Disaster Caused by Obama’s Epic Game of Economic Kick-the-Can

EDITOR’S NOTE: The US has been on the brink of economic doom for quite a while now. Some people like to credit President Barack Obama for “saving us” from economic disaster, but in reality, he played the most epic game of kick-the-can ever during his 8 years in office.

You could compare his financial policy to a person who loses his job but has incredibly good credit.

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How the Left Stole Christmas from Universities Across America

Every kid in America liked Christmas a lot, but the Left, north of Politically Correctville, did NOT.

While the holiday season used to be one of peace, love, and joy, it seems that lately, the politically correct set seems determined to crush every jingling bell under the heel of their jackboots, particularly at colleges and universities across the country.  The Left is stealing Christmas just as certainly as any Grinch in Whoville.…

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Unless Someone Is Burning YOUR Flag, Flag-Burning Is Not Illegal

Every few years, some people get mad and burn the American flag and all heck breaks loose.

Currently, flags are being burned on a regular basis all over the country ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency, and people are responding in the usual dramatic fashion, with cries for new amendments to outlaw the act, threats of physical violence, and all sorts of hair-rending.…

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Is Julian Assange Dead? Is Wikileaks Compromised?

Mounting evidence is making it looking more and more like Julian Assange has been killed or captured, and that Wikileaks has been compromised.

Assange and his team were the heroes of the 2016 US elections, telling the secrets that the left wanted to remain hidden. They told us about media collusion, rigged elections, pedophilia, ties with the occult, and how the Clinton family became wealthy by selling favors and ripping off Haitians.…

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Congress Is Sneaking Through Legislation for a No-Fly Zone Over Syria

When Americans aren’t paying attention, sneaky things tend to happen. While we were all distracted by the aftermath of the election, the US Congress decided to get the war ball rolling with Syria.

On November 15, while cities across America were under siege from anti-Trump protesters and rioters, a handful of members of the House of Representatives quietly passed H.R.5732 – the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016.…

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More Tales from the Election That Wouldn’t End

Once upon a time, there was a Land full of mountains, deserts, lakes, and plains. The person who got to run the country was selected by the same tradition for hundreds of years. In this particular year, the choice was between an Evil Queen and a Loud Ogre.

The Evil Queen was confident she had the job. She and her followers had gone to great lengths to secure the vote, and some of those lengths were quite questionable.…

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Every Awful Thing We Know About PizzaGate and the DC Pedophiles So Far

This video sums up the appalling details of “PizzaGate,” the suspected pedophilia ring comprised of some of Washington DC’s most influential people.  It seems that nearly everything that has been discovered and reported on the scandal has come from citizen journalists and the alternative media. You know, the very ones currently being accused of being “fake news.”

Websites have been taken down due to DMCA claims for photographic evidence in the case against those involved.…

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The 2016 Black Friday Video Hall of Shame

Every year, people across the country begin the season of holiday joy by pushing, shoving, and trampling their fellow man for a toaster and this year has been no exception.  Seriously, America. Nothing says dignity  and civility like coming to blows over a pack of toilet paper. As usual, it seems that the worst shenanigans took place at Wal-Mart stores across the country.…

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The President-Elect Had to Start a YouTube Channel So His Message Isn’t Censored by the MSM

The media has valiantly attempted to censor Trump, any of his supporters, and anyone who disagrees with their leftist take on the world. So, in response, the President-Elect of the United States was forced to take into his own hands and started an official YouTube channel to make certain that his message isn’t tampered with, edited, or otherwise misconstrued by the mainstream media.…

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