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Is the Sh*t About To Hit? Russia Just Reneged on Agreement to Dispose of Weapons Grade Plutonium

This is bad, bad, BAD.

Russia has just withdrawn from its agreement to dispose of enough weapons-grade plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear warheads.

And…they’re blaming the change of heart on the US.

In the year 2000 Russia and the United States agreed to end the arms race and each turn 34 metric tons of weapons-grade plutonium into reactor fuel every year.…

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22 Ways to Make Your Life an Act of Revolution

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”
― Emma Goldman

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery. This means that if you are a slave today, it’s either illegal, or you have voluntarily accepted your servitude.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

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Virginia Woman Feeds 150 Hungry People for $20: More Proof That the Government Is Obsolete

You know what I find absolutely beautiful?

When a person takes over something that is usually left to be done by the government, does it a thousand times more efficiently, and does it with a true sense of compassion.

One of the major arguments that people have against less taxation and smaller government is that there will be no one to help the poor.…

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That Moment When You Realize That Paying Taxes Is Exactly Like Tithing to a Cult…

You may have noticed, that around here, we’re not terribly fond of the government. The regulations, the rules, the fines, the fees, but most of all, the control.

But when you say this kind of stuff to many people, they’re horrified. They wonder how on earth we’ll survive without the government controlling our every move. They wonder how they’ll be “safe” without the government to save them.…

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Get a Permit, an Inspection, Insurance…and Make Lemonade

Little Anabelle Lockwood has the spirit of an entrepreneur. When the 10 year old Orange County, California resident wanted to make some money, she decided to take an old-fashioned route. She started a lemon-aid stand. And then, as often happens to self-employed people in America, it all went downhill when the government got involved.

How it all began…

Anabelle said she came up with the idea for a lemonade stand while brainstorming with friends. …

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Hero Driver Rescues 20 Children From Burning Bus: “It’s my job…”

These days, when you hear a sentence beginning with the words, “It’s my job to…” it’s hard not to think about people enthusiastically enforcing laws that never should have been on the books in the first places, all in the name of occupational security. For many decades, “just doing my job” has been a blanket excuse for blaming one’s actions on someone else.…

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7 Reasons the Government Must Stop Little Free Libraries for the Sake of the Nation

Sometimes, things happen that seem good on the surface, but underneath all that, they’re actually really terrible.

A seemingly innocent act can be the precursor to chaos and anarchy. While the people perpetrating that act may have good intentions, we all know what the road to hell is paved with, right?

Urban and Suburban America Are Subject to a Scourge…of Books

There’s a horrifying new trend across America – a trend that is 40,000 strong.…

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Monsanto Whistleblower Awarded $22,437,800 (But He Probably Would Have Done It For Free)

Monsanto – the company we all love to hate as they spread their chemically-laden tentacles across the planet – took a big legal hit today.

And by big, we mean an amount that would boggle the minds of most of us ordinary mortals. A whistle-blower was extremely well rewarded for doing something he probably would have done for free.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A former financial executive at Monsanto Co.

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Simulation Training: Are You Actually Ready to Use Your Gun in an Emergency?

If you are a gun owner, especially one who carries a firearm on a daily basis, you’ve probably wondered how you would fare if you had to use your weapon in a life-and-death situation. Could you hit a moving target? Would you freeze under pressure? Would you accidentally harm innocent bystanders in your attempt to take down a threat? With virtual simulation training, you can find out the answers to these questions.…

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Times Are Changing Quickly: Let Me Help You Get Prepared

Have you ever put your children to bed hungry?

Nearly 800 million people go to bed hungry every night. These people are chronically malnourished to the point where it affects their everyday activities. That’s one person in every nine of the global population. (source)

Have you ever been really hungry? Not the kind of hunger that comes from dinner being an hour late but the gnawing of a stomach that has received no food for a couple of days, or even a week.…

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