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3 EPIC Black Friday Bargains You Can Get Without Leaving Your House

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the annual tradition for some Americans seems to be to go and engage in a fist fight to get the last TV with $20 off the regular price.


Not my idea of a good time.  Please don’t take away my Chick Card, but I hate shopping on a slow day at the mall.

I’ve put together 3 awesome Black Friday Bargains geared toward preppers and the frugal-minded, ranging from $5 to “the sky is the limit.”  And you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.…

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Free Yourself from Workplace Slavery: 33 Ways to Earn a Living Without a Traditional Job

Most people these days do not own their time. They have to abide by someone else’s schedule, accept the amount of money that an employer is willing to pay and organize their lifestyles around those hours, allotted money, and rules.

When people of my generation were growing up, many of our parents worked at the same job for decades, providing stability for us and our siblings.…

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