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People at UVa Object to Quotes by Thomas Jefferson, the Founder of UVa

Some nights, I go to bed thinking that the world cannot get any more ridiculously politically correct.

Then, I wake up the next morning, only to discover that it can, indeed.

Back in 1819, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. His goal was to create an education facility with a broader range of courses than the College of William and Mary, which he said was mired in religion and didn’t offer enough lessons in the sciences.…

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Unschooling: Radical Education That Produces Free Human Beings Instead of Slaves

Let’s talk about the “education system,” that cornerstone of civilized societies everywhere.

We all know that the future lies in the hands of our children. That’s why parents want to do everything they can to give their kids a good start in life. We make careful choices about the food they eat, the friends they hang out with, and the education they receive.…

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How to Turn Kids Into Debt Slaves: Toymakers Busted for Data Mining Children

There’s no better way to prepare kids for the future than through play.  The lessons we learn during playtime as youngsters will stick with us through life. How else could we learn the rules of society and how we should appropriately work within those rules?

Back in the old days, we learned that if we were jerks to the neighbor kids, we’d get clotheslined playing Red Rover.…

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Is Sugar Making Your Diet a Sweet Mess?


Sugar is found nearly everywhere, and we are eating waaaay too much of it.

Did you know that sugar is in 75% of packaged foods?

The average American consumes anywhere from a quarter to a half pound per day.

Consuming too much of it can lead to the development of debilitating and deadly disorders and diseases.

And, to add insult to injury – sugar can be highly addictive (Think that’s hyperbole?…

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