The Very Best Thing to Come from the Clinton Campaign Is This Video

Finally, there’s one really good thing that has come out of the Clinton campaign, and it is this video made by the YouTube Channel, Bad Lip Reading. When you compare these clips to the shenanigans of the actual Democratic National Convention (which was rife with controversy after the DNC hacks showed that the primary had been rigged against popular candidate Bernie Sanders) you may find that this actually makes a lot more sense – and  sadly rings more true than what was actually said. You will probably find that they’re far less annoying this way.

Do take a moment to let it sink in that this could be the future First Family of America, folks. You think the bad photo ops are everywhere now? Who will take our country seriously when the leaders are nothing more than a series of ever-worsening internet memes.

The video stars quite a cast, including Chelsea Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Obamas, and of course, Bill and Hillary. Plus a bunch of people I didn’t recognize that were nonetheless hilarious.

Warning: make sure you aren’t sipping your coffee from your Hillary for Prison mug this morning when you watch this episode of Bad Lip Reading.

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