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Let’s Find Our Common Ground Again

Remember – we’re all Americans.

Those who voted selected the person that they felt would be best for our country. For the most part, they were sincere and passionate about the choices they made. Remember that sometimes, our best intentions may steer us wrong. When they do, that doesn’t make us inherently evil. Just mistaken.

Right now, people who supported a candidate other than Trump are feeling anger, disappointment, and even grief.…

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And the Anti-Trump Protests Begin…

It didn’t take long after Donald Trump was declared the new president of the United States for the protests to begin.

Last week, I predicted that regardless of the outcome, that the aftermath could be ugly. Extreme emotions, the shock of a landslide victory after the widespread fake polls that predicted the opposite, and people who adamantly detest Trump were likely to blend to create a perfect storm.…

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The Only Speech by Hillary Clinton You Ever Actually Wanted to Hear

Finally, after an evening to recover from what must have been an astonishing loss, Hillary Clinton made an appearance to woman-up. Although it’s traditional for the losing candidate to speak the evening of the election, Clinton delivered her concession speech this morning at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. Could it be that she was so incredibly arrogant confident that she didn’t have a concession speech prepared?…

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President Donald Trump: “I Will Not Let You Down”

In a shocking upset (if you believed the Mainstream Media polls) Donald Trump has become the 45th President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton did not concede publicly, which is unprecedented, but she did call Trump to do so over the phone. Her supporters received word through John Podesta that Clinton will speak tomorrow.

Trump referred to Clinton graciously in his acceptance speech despite the rancor between the two candidates.…

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Assange Tells the Sordid Truth About the US Elections

When you put together everything we’ve learned about the corruption in our government and electoral system, it paints an ugly picture. There’s so much information that it’s difficult to see the large mosaic created by the tiny parts.

UPDATED: Today, Julian Assange made a statement about the election.

In recent months, WikiLeaks and I personally have come under enormous pressure to stop publishing what the Clinton campaign says about itself to itself.

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The Disturbing Links Between Spirit Cooking, “Artistic” Ritual Mutilations, Pedophilia, and the Podestas

Warning: Graphic and Disturbing Content

By now, you’ve probably seen the words “spirit cooking.” You may have read the mentions of this ritual with regard to John and Tony Podesta in the Wikileaks emails.

But what is it really?

According to my favorite /sarcasm/ outlet, Huffington Post, we’re all quite silly to be disturbed by videos of a weird woman named Marina Abramovic painting on walls with blood, pouring some nasty fluid over a symbolic child, and diving into “cakes” made to look like women by digging knives into their breasts to expose the red filling inside.…

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So, The FBI Didn’t Actually Read All Those Emails

On October 28th, the world learned that the FBI would be reviewing 650,000 emails on “devices” linked to Hillary Clinton. They said that the job would take “many weeks” and that the investigation would not conclude before the election.

Imagine my surprise when I learned they had completed their investigation in a mere ten days and declared Clinton had not broken the law in any way, shape, or form.…

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In an Ironic Twist, a Whole Bunch of Felons Could Swing the Election for Clinton


Every time we think we’ve seen the most audacious thing possible regarding the election, something even more audacious happens.

The Clinton camp, still insisting that Hillary Rotten  Rodham Clinton is going to have her feet under the desk in the Oval Office, has shown once again that they will stop at nothing to make her the first female president of the United States.…

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