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The 2016 Black Friday Video Hall of Shame

Every year, people across the country begin the season of holiday joy by pushing, shoving, and trampling their fellow man for a toaster and this year has been no exception.  Seriously, America. Nothing says dignity  and civility like coming to blows over a pack of toilet paper. As usual, it seems that the worst shenanigans took place at Wal-Mart stores across the country.…

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3 EPIC Black Friday Bargains You Can Get Without Leaving Your House

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the annual tradition for some Americans seems to be to go and engage in a fist fight to get the last TV with $20 off the regular price.


Not my idea of a good time.  Please don’t take away my Chick Card, but I hate shopping on a slow day at the mall.

I’ve put together 3 awesome Black Friday Bargains geared toward preppers and the frugal-minded, ranging from $5 to “the sky is the limit.”  And you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.…

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Save the Planet from Climate Change: Tax Meat by 40%

There’s a brand new way to save the planet, and a group of professors from Oxford University wants to force the issue by assessing enormous taxes on foods said to have higher “climate impact.”

To make a long story short, they want to force everyone that doesn’t have a high income to become vegan by taxing the living daylights out of animal products.…

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The President-Elect Had to Start a YouTube Channel So His Message Isn’t Censored by the MSM

The media has valiantly attempted to censor Trump, any of his supporters, and anyone who disagrees with their leftist take on the world. So, in response, the President-Elect of the United States was forced to take into his own hands and started an official YouTube channel to make certain that his message isn’t tampered with, edited, or otherwise misconstrued by the mainstream media.…

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Schools and Colleges Are Making Students Even More Terrified of Trump

Anyone who has ever had a toddler knows that when your little one falls down, often, they look to you before deciding whether they should cry or not. If you rush over and say, “Oh you poor baby, you’re hurt” then the wailing commences. If you glance over and say, “You’re okay. You’re a tough cookie. Get back up,” then you’re teaching them that the proper response to falling is shaking it off and getting up again.…

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Not Everyone in Washington Is Happy That Trump and Putin Are Getting Along

Those of us who are not in favor of getting nuked were very pleased to hear that the day after the election, the mainstream media’s proclaimed enemy President Vladimir Putin of Russia sent a congratulatory telegram to President-Elect Donald Trump.

The contents were shared in a release from the Kremlin:

In his message, Mr Putin said he hopes for work together to lift Russian-US relations out of the current crisis, resolve issues on the international agenda, look for effective responses to global security challenges.

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Truth and Vigilance Are Just As Important with Donald Trump In Office

There is a decision that every American must make right now.

Do you care about who the president is, or do you care about the fate of our country?

If your priorities are freedom, liberty, and Constitutional rights, the President of the United States should be under your scrutiny at all times. You cannot relax your vigilance because a person from your preferred party is in office.…

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George Soros in Forgotten Interview: “I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do”

Do you want to know who George Soros, the creepy grandaddy of globalization, really is? He told us decades ago and nobody listened.

Check out this chilling 60 Minutes interview from Dec. 20, 1998.



Soros destabilizes economies to add to his billions and he doesn’t care about how this affects the people who suffer. During the interview, he said, with regard to speculative market attacks:

I don’t feel guilty.

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Google and Facebook Will Be Arbiters of Truth in the War on Fake News

During the election, Americans who were simply looking for information got screwed by the media. The propaganda was so thick and the fake polls were so numerous that people were reeling in shock when Hillary Clinton actually ended up losing the election.  Heck, I was stunned myself, and I had even written an article about my suspicion that the polls were fake.…

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