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Louisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission

Around the world, governments have recently been issuing an unsettling call for their citizens to become more self-reliant. Just this week, the governments of both Germany and Czechoslovakia warned that people should be  “be prepared for the worst case possible scenario.”

But here in the United States, just the opposite is happening. Our government seems to have an unquenchable thirst for cracking down on those who take responsibility for themselves.…

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Hey!!! People: Leave Those Kids Alone! (But You Might Get Arrested If You Do)

There’s never been a safer time to be a kid in America.

And there’s never been a time to be more judged -sometimes criminally – for your decisions as a parent.

Most parents love their children and don’t want anything to happen to them. But at the same time, we’re constantly bombarded by the media about all kinds of horrifying pitfalls, and recent news stories would have you believe we are all neglectful, stupid, and incompetent.…

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Increased Risk of Diabetes: Yet Another Reason Fluoride Should NOT Be in Our Drinking Water

Hey! Did you know that the fluoride American cities gleefully add to our drinking water is actually hazardous waste?  If that isn’t enough of a reason to keep you from drinking it, how about this: A recent study examined links between water fluoridation and Type 2 diabetes, and you aren’t going to like what they found out.

Published in the Journal of Water and Health, the research found that fluoridation with sodium fluoride could be a contributing factor to diabetes rates in the US, as the chemical is a known preservative of blood glucose.…

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A Disturbing Series of Events: Governments Around the World Seem to Be Preparing for War

Remember how a couple of days ago the German government advised its citizens to start stockpiling food and water? Well, today they have announced that they are considering reintroducing conscription…the draft, to ‘help with any future disaster’.

And Germany isn’t alone. There are increasing hints in countries around the world that something big is on its way…and it won’t be pretty.…

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Vince Foster’s Death Goes Down the Orwellian Memory Hole

I know that I keep referring to 1984 a lot, but it has turned out to be rather prophetic.  In Orwell’s classic book, the main character, Winston Smith, works at the Ministry of Truth, which is about anything but honesty. In fact, it’s outright deceit because Winston’s job is to perform  historical revision.  He pours through the archives and rewrites records.  …

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Academic Brainwashing: Students Urged to Have Only Half a Baby and Save the World

Dumb quote of the day.

“Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them.”

Climate change is now apparently severe enough that we should take illogical and dramatic actions to “protect” babies who don’t exist. According to an academic brainwashing class at the world-renowned Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins, one professor says that having babies is immoral. (What is most interesting to me is how his ethical proclamation closely mirrors the whole Agenda 21 plan.)

Travis Rieder, a philosopher, has pin-pointed 2036 as the year that we will face the tipping point where average global temperatures will have risen by at least 2 degrees Celsius.…

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If Kids Aren’t Gender Confused Yet, They Will Be When School Is Done With Them

An elementary school in Albuquerque, NM has a new policy to go along with the new school year. Just in case kids are gender confused, teachers are no longer allowed to address children as “boys and girls.”

After the Bathroom Hullabaloo of 2016, you would have thought that things might settle down and we could go about our business, peeing wherever we want to pee and that would be that.…

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Oops: New Findings Bring the Clinton Emails Count to Over 45,000

The FBI has unearthed another 15,000 emails that Hillary Clinton’s lawyers did not turn over, bringing the official tally to over 45,000 questionable emails that were sent on her unsecured home server during her extremely profitable stint as Secretary of State.

In a statement, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the agency previously agreed voluntarily to hand over emails sent or received by Clinton in her official capacity as secretary from 2009 to 2013 but that tens of thousands of documents would have to be “carefully appraised at State” to separate official records from personal ones.

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Is Sugar Making Your Diet a Sweet Mess?


Sugar is found nearly everywhere, and we are eating waaaay too much of it.

Did you know that sugar is in 75% of packaged foods?

The average American consumes anywhere from a quarter to a half pound per day.

Consuming too much of it can lead to the development of debilitating and deadly disorders and diseases.

And, to add insult to injury – sugar can be highly addictive (Think that’s hyperbole?…

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